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    acupunture sunshine coastDr Wayne Pickstone (Dr of Chinese Medicine) is a fully qualified and skilled acupuncturist on the sunshine coast who has been in continuous practice for 26 years and will carry out your Acupuncture Treatment.

    A commonly asked first question is  –

    How much does an Acupuncture Treatment cost?

    Your Acupuncture Treatment within our Centre is only $78.00

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    Wayne fell in love with Acupuncture when at the age 23 he was selected in the South East Queensland Touch football finals but had acquired an injury to his left ankle. Via conventional methods there was no way Wayne would be back on the field by the end of the week.

    Until a friend suggested . . . Acupuncture.

    Three Acupuncture treatments within the week and Wayne was back playing one of his favourite sports. And from there, as they say, “the rest is history.”

    Wayne was so impressed he started his journey – originally studying Acupuncture and later graduated as a Naturopath, Bowen Therapist, Massage Therapist and Western Medical Herbalist.

    Wayne’s love of sports, especially touch football and squash and his understanding of sporting injuries, saw his clinic prosper.  Sometimes Wayne would arrive at his clinic at 7am to start at 8.30am on a Monday morning and there would be 3 to 5 patients waiting to see him urgently after they sustained sporting injuries over the weekend.

    At Unique Health and Wellness we offer Traditional Chinese Acupuncture on the Sunshine coast to assist in bringing relief for many conditions (see list below).

    What is Acupuncture . . .

    Acupuncture treatment is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system that is said to date back thousands of years.

    It works on balancing the flow of “Chi” which is the energy or life force that flows through meridians or invisible channels in our body.

    By gently inserting thin needles into specific points along these meridians, may assist to unblock stagnant energy which sometimes can cause disease within the body, and allow the energy to rebalance and restore the natural flow of Chi, assisting the body in the healing process.

    acu3Tips on how to find a good acupuncturist on the sunshine coast . . .

    Ensure your acupuncturist takes your pulses and looks at your tongue.

    Firstly, Wayne will ask you some relevant questions and will then feel your pulses and look at your tongue.

    Another common question asked about acupuncture is: “Why does Wayne check my pulse?”

    Pulse and tongue diagnosis are two of the more principal investigative tools in Traditional Chinese medicine. They are both used to work out a TCM diagnosis that is used to plan your treatment.

    The pulse can be used to gain a deep understanding of your health on many levels. “Mastering” pulse diagnosis is difficult and even at a basic level the pulse provides immediate and specific information that can help clarify where your body may need help.

    Your pulses reveal to the trained therapists where possible imbalances and blockages may be.

    Each position reveals an organ’s health or lack thereof.



    And another common question is, “Why does Wayne look at my Tongue.”

    The tongue will confirm the depth and nature (hot, cold, etc.) of an imbalance.

    The tongue is also useful as a measurement tool to evaluate the progress of a disorder.

    It can present visual indicators of a person’s overall harmony or disharmony.

    The tongue has a special relationship with the Heart, in that the Heart opens to the tongue. The tongue is said to be an “offshoot” of the Heart, or “flowers” into the Heart.

    The normal tongue in Traditional Chinese Medicine has a light red or pinkish body with a thin white coating. Any colour, shape, coating etc away from this can mean disharmony.

    Acupuncture may be effective in treating many conditions such as:

    1. Musculoskeletal – Back Pain, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Repetitive Strain Injury, Whiplash, Arthritic pain, Muscle and Sporting Injuries
    2. Neurological – Meniere’s Disease, Bells Palsy, Migraines, Headaches, Shingles
    3. Gynaecological – Painful Menstrual Cycle, PMS, Menopausal Symptoms
    4. Common Ailments – Anxiety, Stress, Tiredness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Smoking
    5. Respiratory Complaints – Common Cold, Tonsillitis, Asthma and Bronchitis.

    If you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms or you would like to use Acupuncture as one of your Preventative Medicine strategies then all you have to do is . . .

    To Arrange A Consultation . . .
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    At Unique Health and Wellness your health challenges are our highest concern and we believe in getting an all-inclusive understanding and supportive approach for each client’s challenges before we move on to individual treatment protocols.

    Your first consultation will benefit you because you will have a Unique Health Evaluation, which includes processes like:

    • acu2A Unique Test that measures any energy blockages that may be occurring within any of the 12 Acupuncture Channels within your body.
    • A pH Urine and Saliva Test
    • Zinc Test
    • A Cellular Health Analysis or Toxicity Test
    • Your Health Objectives are defined

    You receive all the above Health Tests  and your Acupuncture Treatment for ONLY $78.00.

    Once your Practitioner knows what you want and has an accurate picture of your health, your Acupuncturist Dr Wayne Pickstone (Dr of Chinese Medicine) will be there for you to make your journey through your Health challenges a pleasant experience.

    Sometimes people are concerned about how ‘Qualified is the Acupuncturist’.  As mentioned above, after graduating from the Brisbane Campus, I have been continuously practicing Acupuncture Treatments for 26 years.  Please take comfort in knowing that I will thoroughly review your health and presenting symptoms before carrying out your Acupuncture Treatment.

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