Do You Suffer From Anxiety, or Depression or Mood Swings?

Here at Unique Health and Wellness we believe there’s an all natural way to boost your moods and to alleviate anxiety or depression.

Every human should have the right to reclaim their lost self esteem and regain their energy needed to enjoy life to the fullest…

Stress is a common factor that can create Anxiety or Depression or Mood Swings.

Unsure if stress is affecting you? Take this simple stress quiz to find out . . .



  • Feel stressed, nervous or tense
  • Feel irritable or oversensitive
  • Experience difficulty concentrating and loss of clear thought
  • Have coffee, tea, tobacco, sugar, alcohol or other stimulants as a pick-me-up


  • Divorce
  • Separation from partner
  • Death in the family
  • Breaking the law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Moving house
  • Losing or starting work

If any 3 of the above has occurred in your life, you may need to take action now and do something about it.

It’s highly likely that your stress is a major contributor to your Anxiety, Depression or Mood Swings.

Maybe you are unsure of how you feel… You may be saying to yourself I really don’t know what or which I am suffering from . . . is it Anxiety, is it Depression, is it Mood Swings? Some people may be suffering from a combination of all of them.

Here’s an easy anxiety questionnaire you can take to find out . . .



  • Experience worry or anxiety
  • Often feel nervous or tense
  • Feel overcautious or pessimistic
  • Have difficulty sitting quietly without fidgeting
  • Experience rapid heart beat or feel panicy at times
  • Have coffee, tea, tobacco, sugar or other stimulants as a pick-me-up



  • Feel depressed
  • Experience a feeling of indifference (don’t care attitude)
  • Lose your sense of humour or take life too seriously
  • Feel like crying for no appropriate reason
  • Feel suicidal or wonder if life is worth living



  • Find yourself happy one minute, sad or angry the next
  • Feel A lack of energy
  • Feel Nervousness
  • Feel your moods swings from high to low
  • Feel sad
  • Feel unwell
  • Feel Sleepiness
  • Have Poor concentration
  • Have loss of motivation Have difficulty in making decisions
  • Have difficulty carrying out daily tasks
  • Feel apathetic (you may feel indifference, don’t care)

If you suffer from more than 3 of any of the above, you may want to consider seeking help because the longer you put up with anxiety, depression or mood swings, the longer you leave it untreated the more distressing it may become.

Over time it’s debilitating and disabling when emotions take over your life. It can put you out of action, immobilise you, but what’s worse is constant anxiety, depression or mood swings may deny you of a rich and rewarding life! 

When you’re constantly anxious, depressed or have mood swings you can’t enjoy your life.

Your friends and family never see the real you, you’re always tired, worn out, and some days, taking part in social events becomes impossible.

You always seem to be missing out!

But the good news is… You can now do something about it… RIGHT NOW!

You now have the opportunity to possibly liberate yourself of your symptoms naturally and safely with our ‘Unique Emotional Freedom System’ . . .

From today you may have 3 responses . . .

  1. Do nothing and without any help you may stay the same or get worse.
  2. Seek Western medicine by using drugs.
  3. You are proactive and would like to find natural solutions.

If number 3 is you all you have to do is hit the button below and when you book your first Naturopathic appointment you will receive a comprehensive consultation normally valued at over $300.00 for only $197 when you book online today.

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At Unique Health and Wellness your challenges are our highest priority, and we believe in getting an all-inclusive understanding and supportive approach for each client’s challenges before we move on to individual treatment protocols.

You and your practitioner will sit down together over the phone or through Zoom and work out a treatment plan that suits you best.

Once on board our centre will be there to support you to make your journey through your health challenges a pleasant experience.