At Unique Health and Wellness we offer an innovative and potentially health altering service of Genetic Profiling, also known as Nutrigenomics which is the study of the interaction between genes, diet and lifestyle choices.

Along the principles of what Hippocrates taught – The body can heal itself, given the right conditions.

After a gene saliva test is ordered during your online consultation and you have completed the test in the comfort of your own home – an in-depth genetic profile report will be sent to us and at your consultation we can assess what is happening with your body genetically.

In regard to our Genes or Genetic Makeup . . . . Every human being is unique, even identical twins. The uniqueness comes from our genes – they influence height, eye colour, and susceptibility to disease.

Our genes determine our body’s response to the food that we eat, our physical activity and the lifestyle choices that we make. This means that we have great influence on our health.

It is a common misconception that our “inherited genes” determine our fate in life. Research has shown that this is not correct.

You cannot have a gene transplant (maybe the future will bring this), but you can alter the influence of genes on your health and wellbeing.

A role that the genes have is to code for proteins that the body makes. These proteins have various uses within the body. Some genes enable cells to make proteins and enzymes needed for basic bodily functions e.g. “Maintenance” genes.

Other genes are inactive most of the time. A normal cell activates the individual genes as they are needed and suppress the rest.

Therefore the genes, through the proteins that they code for, determine all the body processes, including how your body responds to conditions in the environment.

The genetic code is like listening to music. We have the ability to turn down the volume control of the stereo or we can turn up the volume of the stereo. This volume control dictates how much of the music we hear.

The same with the genetic code.

We can use Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle to ‘turn up’ or ‘turn down’ the effect of our genes.

For example, for optimum health we wish to make sure that the genes for liver detoxification are ‘turned on’ or ‘turned up’ in volume.

These genes are ‘turned on’ by foods such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Some foods can help to ‘turn down’ the genes, for example omega 3 oils in deep sea fish reduce the response of the genes that create inflammation.