Who Else Would Like To Burn Fat Naturally,

How Self-Confident Would You Feel . . .

What Is “The Optimal Fat Loss Program”?

It is a gentle and effective Program which leaves you with a general sense of well-being, involves NO medical procedures, or the use of any Toxic chemical substances.

  • It’s for the Woman Who Craves a Little Nurturing and Wants Results . . .
  • It’s for The Man Who Wants Results With No Fuss . . .

Here’s what you will discover . . .

  1. You’ll discover “The Certain Foods” that may help you to burn FAT .
  2. You’ll discover what Blood Tests are required (These blood tests can be done in your home town or city) to see if or how far advanced your Metabolic Syndrome is , because over 5 million Australians satisfy the Metabolic Syndrome criteria. Recent Scientific Research has revealed a frightening statistic . . . That if you have Metabolic Syndrome you have a 500% increase in having a Heart Attack or Stroke or Diabetes. (Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.)
  3. You’ll discover the correct amount of protein and fat that is required to help you to burn unwanted FAT.
  4. Skipping meals and sweaty exercise may not be the ideal way to start your Fat Loss Program. Research has shown that extensive exercise may cause your metabolism to revert back to its original sluggish state 30 to 60 minutes after you’ve finished. You’ll be shown how to tweak your activity during the day to keep your metabolic thermostat on high. Skipping meals may actually slow your metabolism down considerably.
  5. Women usually gain weight, excess fluid and more body fat than men because of hormonal challenges. Estrogen’s fat stimulating cells tend to hold onto more FAT reserves more stubbornly. Within the female body these hormonal influences may also give rise to 4 different types of body shapes and each one has typical hormonal and metabolic characteristics. Knowing your body type is critical to loosing FAT. Hormone tests are available.
  6. For those who complete our Gene profile and or our Blood profiling system you’ll discover if your FTO gene is expressing itself negatively – if so then weight gain occurs more easily and difficult to lose. However, once you know if you have the FTO gene the answer is a simple vegetable which can help to lessen the gene from expressing itself negatively, this may then assist you with easier and effective fat loss.
  7. You’ll discover if your Thyroid is a possible reason why you can’t lose weight.

You have absolutely nothing to lose except unwanted fat and fluid.

But you can WIN BIG Time by saying YES, right this minute!

Isn’t It Time You Did Something For Yourself?

We all get busy… we get caught up.

Our days are filled with other people’s problems, with other people’s dramas and deadlines.

We try to please everyone and often struggle to keep up with all of the demands placed on our time.

We find it hard to stop and take time out for ourselves. But that’s what needs to be done if you want lasting transformation.

You need time to yourself, time to relax and time to recharge.

And the only permission you need is YOUR OWN!

You need an alternative. While we know every body is unique, we will carefully assess your fat loss concerns, so we can recommend the best possible treatment to help you get results.

From today you may have 3 responses . . .

  1. Do nothing and without any help you may stay the same or get worse.
  2. Seek Western medicine by using drugs.
  3. You are proactive and would like to find natural solutions.

If number 3 is you all you have to do is hit the button below and when you book your first Naturopathic appointment you will receive a comprehensive consultation normally valued at over $300.00 for only $197 when you book online today.

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At Unique Health and Wellness your challenges are our highest priority, and we believe in getting an all-inclusive understanding and supportive approach for each client’s challenges before we move on to individual treatment protocols.

You and your practitioner will sit down together over the phone or through Zoom and work out a treatment plan that suits you best.

Once on board our centre will be there to support you to make your journey through your health challenges a pleasant experience.

Act NOW while everything you’ve just read is fresh in your mind.Take time for yourself. Follow our suggestions and within weeks you might just amaze yourself, your friends and family.

Within weeks you’ll probably notice subtle changes in your body.

On the road to NO more Excess or Unwanted Fat!

You may feel more alert, with more energy, a glow of vitality may return and you’ll become more confident!

Just imagine all achieved naturally, just the way it was intended!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Unique Health and Wellness Centre

We get great satisfaction from helping you to achieve your FAT LOSS goals!

We’ll make you feel comfortable and at ease and we look forward to your call.