Natural Therapies Rebate


Natural Therapies Rebate

M_O_S_T_ _I_M_P_O_R_T_A_N_T_ _– _P_L_E_A_S_E_ _R_E_A_D_ _

2016 Labor Party Health Policy

As many of you would be aware Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are
“ceasing the rebate for Natural Therapies.”

Natural Therapies Rebate

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are
“ceasing the rebate for Natural Therapies. "(1)

If Labor is elected what will it mean?

  • Private health rebates and insurance for Natural Therapies may be reduced or stopped and the average cost of a visit to a Practitioner could increase by approximately $20. .(2)
  • More pressure on the underperforming and overburdened Medicare and health care system.
  • The Natural Therapies industry is represented by approximately 25,000 small to medium businesses – this policy is highly likely to have a negative effect on employment numbers in the industry throughout Australia.

A vote for Labor can lead to a Government that takes away medical insurance funding and support for Natural Therapies.

Why are Natural Therapies and Medicines important to Australia?

Two out of three Australians have used complementary or Natural Medicines over the past 12 months and approximately 42% of these use Complementary Medicines to prevent or manage chronic, high priority health problems.

Complementary Medicines are not only effective in a range of chronic health conditions, but they can offer a genuine opportunity to reduce disease burden in a cost effective manner. .(3)”

In addition, the industry that produces Complementary and Natural Medicines generates $4.3 billion in sales per year, representing 6,000 highly skilled jobs and 73 TGA approved manufacturing plants. .(4)

Natural Therapies is a growth industry delivering cost effective health outcomes and significant economic benefits for Australia. If this is a concern for you, speak to your local Labor candidate and let them know how you feel.

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