(Brassica Oleracea)

Flower Power!

When we eat broccoli, we are actually eating a flower! As it grows, it forms single or multiple flower heads of tiny blue-green flower buds. We harvest and eat the broccoli flowers before they bloom. 

If we let broccoli grow for a longer amount of time in the ground, the flower buds open and bloom into tiny yellow flowers. 

Much like cauliflower and cabbage, broccoli is part of the Brassica family. This family also includes, buk choy, brown mustard, brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi and turnip. 

Mother nature has a wonderful way of guiding us to foods that will help heal certain parts of our bodies. For example, when a carrot is sliced, it looks much like the iris of the eye, and numerous studies show that carrots increase blood flow to your eyes and help to prevent macular degeneration. 

There are countless examples of these signs from nature and broccoli is one of them. 

Broccoli is shaped like the bronchioles in our lungs and more and more research is showing that broccoli may be effective in preventing lung cancer and protecting the lungs from toxins and irritants.  

Broccoli has the highest amount of a sulphur containing molecule called suforaphane than any other food. 

Sulforaphane has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in several test tube and animal studies, reducing both the size and number of various types of cancer cells. [1]

In one study, broccoli was found to kill up to 77% of breast cancer cells in vitro by disrupting the cancer cells nucleus. [2]

The study found that consuming as little as one serve of raw broccoli a week reduced the risk of cancers such as Pancreatic cancer and premenopausal breast cancer. 

It is best to eat broccoli raw to maintain its high content of sulforaphane and reap the most rewards, however if you prefer cooked; lightly steaming broccoli also retains much of this compound, as well as broccoli’s high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.  

NB: For those who have thyroid challenges, eating broccoli raw may not be a good idea.  As mentioned earlier, broccoli is a part of the brassica family and when members of this family are eaten raw they can create thyroid challenges. To read more on this, please click here to read our blog post on Kale. 

Boiling or roasting broccoli reduces the efficacy of cancer fighting cells by 80%.

Broccoli is also a great source of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium and has an amazing alkalising effect on the body, even more so than pure lemon juice! 

Ah, i love it! Another great example of how whole foods really are the best foods. So simple, so many benefits.

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