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One Imbalance Causing Multiple Health Problems

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Man Boobs, Low Libido, Breast Cancer,
Enlarged Prostate, PMS, PMT, Moods Swings and Tiredness May be Caused By The Same Imbalance!

As you are reading the first part of this article try and guess what ‘this imbalance’ is . . .

It applies to both men and women!

With every mouthful of food and drink you have, with every personal hygiene products you use and with every synthetic smell you inhale, they collectively can create ‘this imbalance’ if you’re not careful. Continue reading

‘The 5:2 Diet’ – The Latest Trend In Weight Loss …

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Part 1 Of 2 – The 5:2 Diet Plan Explained!
It’s The Latest Trend In Weight Loss & Does It Work?

The health benefits of Fasting have been well documented for thousands of years and now Science has come to the same conclusion.

Recently the Sunday Night program on Channel 7, reported by Ross Coulhart, discussed the benefits of the 5:2 diet with Michael Mosley.

Michael is the person responsible for putting fasting as a weight loss alternative, back in the spot light. Continue reading

Obesity NOW Is Leading the Western World to ILL HEALTH

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A Pandemic Is Leading the

Western World to

Serious Health Challenges.

This Pandemic Is OBESITY.

Causing: Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and a
Possible Shortened Life Span

Obesity is such a harsh word.

It may not be as harsh as the words Black Death – a pandemic that hit Europe resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in the years 1348–50, but Obesity is a public health crisis of the 21st century that must be addressed immediately. Continue reading

Be the Minority

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Why is it that in a country that is considered to be highly educated in regards to health, so few are actually satisfied with their health and fitness levels?

It’s the deer in headlights syndrome – knowing that movement is needed and required swiftly before something serious occurs but unable to act.

Continue reading