Obesity NOW Is Leading the Western World to ILL HEALTH

A Pandemic Is Leading the

Western World to

Serious Health Challenges.

This Pandemic Is OBESITY.

Causing: Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and a
Possible Shortened Life Span

Obesity is such a harsh word.

It may not be as harsh as the words Black Death – a pandemic that hit Europe resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in the years 1348–50, but Obesity is a public health crisis of the 21st century that must be addressed immediately.

To make this important health alert have more meaning, click on this link . . . BMI and how a BMI of 18.5 to 25 is considered “normal”. . .?  and work out your personal  BMI index.

This index is climbing and the evidence shows the potential to contribute to the development of obesity later in life

The obesity epidemic is quickly spreading all over the world.

In 2002, up to 500 million people worldwide were overweight.

In the United States, the obesity rate has doubled to over 30% since  1970.(1)

While here in Australia the rates of overweight and Obesity among adults have doubled over the past two decades and Australia is now being ranked as one of the fattest developed nations. (8)

Obesity has already made its way from rich to poor and developing countries and by 2030, it is most likely that 1 billion people will be obese. (2)

How Did It Suddenly Get Out Of Control?

But firstly did you know there are 6 stages to disease according to Ancient medicine . . .

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What may be some of the causes of this Obesity Epidemic?

  1. Most people will say obesity is caused by eating more than what the body needs and not exercising often.People are not as active as they used to be. They spend more time watching TV or sitting in front of their computers for leisure or work.There are less physical demands because of the advancements in modern technology. (You can always take a cab instead of walking). It only takes those who are not physically active have the tendency to gain more weight because they are not burning the calories from what they eat.
  2. Environment. Healthy lifestyle habits sometimes are difficult to follow because of the surroundings, depending where you live. There are few safe places for recreation like affordable gyms, park areas, sidewalks, and trails, and this can be a contributing factor as to why people find it hard to be active.Work schedules too, make it difficult to exercise because of the long hours needed to meet the demands of the job. Supermarkets that sell fresh produce and healthy foods are not easily accessed in some neighbourhoods. Instead, people consume larger food portions served at fast food outlets, restaurants, movie theaters, and gas stations because it is more convenient. (3)
  3. Genes and Heredity. Studies show that genes strongly influence a person’s body weight. Genes may also have an affect on the amount of body fat.Did you know we can do Gene Profiling? We recently did a gene profile on a lady client with excess fat and it revealed that 6 out of the 7 genes profiled were working against her. However she now knows how to take this information and to make it work in her favour. She is already loosing unwanted fat and she is exstatic. Obesity tends to run in families and a person’s chance of being overweight is greater when one or both of the parents are obese. Children who come from families with high calorie food consumption also tend to adopt the eating habits of their parents. (3)
  4. Medical conditions. Hormonal problems can lead to obesity. These health conditions can slow down metabolism and make people gain weight.
  5. Age. When humans get older, they tend to lose muscle especially when they do not have an active lifestyle. The loss of muscle slows down the metabolism rate of the body. (3)
  6. Aggressive food marketing. People are usually swayed by ads from food companies so they tend to consume more high fat and high calorie meals. (3)

What Are the Effects of the Obesity Epidemic?

  1. Higher risk for diabetes. In Mexico, diabetes has become the biggest killer. Two thirds of its population has grown obese due to increased intake of carbonated drinks.In India, health experts caution that one in two babies born today will get type 2 diabetes. This brings the possibility of early death and widespread disability to our future generations. (4)
  2. Higher risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, asthma, stroke, arthritis, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. (5)
  3. Psychological consequences. Increase of bias and discrimination against people who are obese or overweight is possible as the obesity epidemic expands. (6)
  4. Economic impact. In 1995, $99 billion worth of health costs attributed to obesity. Due to inflation the cost will continue to increase as does the necessity for medical care. (6) Costs are not just for adults but also for children. There is also the possibility of future economic costs due to the current childhood obesity. Productivity is also affected because of employees being absent from work due to obesity related health concerns. (7)
  5. Increase in disability payments. This may pose higher fiscal costs to the Federal Government because obese or overweight individuals can no longer hold jobs. (7)
  6. Increase in transportation costs. An increase in body weight means more fuel needed for machines to run. There is also a possible need for larger vehicles for transportation.

Millions will suffer serious health problems if immediate action is not taken.

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