Feeling Well And The Six Stages To Disease . . .

service4-210x150From an Ancient Medicine Perspective
there are 6 Stages to Disease.

Whether you look at Ayurvedic Medicine or Homeopathic Medicine or Naturopathic Medicine or Blood Bio-Chemistries or The ASBRM (Australian Society for BioRegulatory Medicine) which has their own DISEASE EVOLUTION TABLE (DET), each one of these have 6 Stages to disease.

Each tells a similar story.

The one I am going to use is the oldest of them all – The Ayurvedic model.

Did you know Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest medical model in the world and predates Chinese medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine uses the words Dosha, Vata, Pitta and Kapha and for ease of the discussion I have taken them out to save confusion.

The purest won’t like this but it certainly makes it easier for someone to understand if you have never come across these terms before.

The best way to enjoy exceptional health is to identify imbalances early and correct them before they progress to the later stages (especially stages 4 and 5) where it becomes much more difficult to treat.

The 6 Stages of Disease move from Stage 1 and move up to the more severe level of Stage 6.

The key is to pay attention to yourself and be conscious of the signs and symptoms as they move up the 6 stages, then take appropriate action.

During the first two stages of disease, you can restore balance to your system through simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

If you fail to recognize the signs that appear during the first two stages, then treatment is required for the proactive health seeker to stop the disease progression and restore health.

Most people are unaware of the warning signs and don’t know what actions to take when the warning signs appear.

That’s why I thought it important to look at how toxins accumulate, the signs and symptom picture that occurs, how you can therefore work out where you are on the 6 stages of disease continuum and what you can proactively do to take control of the helm restoring health once again.

Normally it’s not until after Stage Four that symptoms get severe enough to seek help from a Health Practitioner.

However, once you know this information it becomes easy to see the steps that need to be taken.

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And all this comes from over Four Thousand Years of Ancient Medicine’s Wisdom.

Here are the Six stages to Disease . . .

  1. Stage One: Accumulation
  2. Stage Two: Provocation
  3. Stage Three: Dispersion
  4. Stage Four: Deposition
  5. Stage Five: Manifestation
  6. Stage Six: Differentiation/ Destruction

Stage One: Accumulation (Sanchaya)

The first stage of disease begins when different tissues of the body start to accumulate toxins.

This is usually due to an unsuitable lifestyle; for example choosing improper food or drink, lack of movement or ironically over-exercising, accumulation of chemicals or toxins or old injuries or operations that haven’t healed correctly.

That is – lifestyle choices that don’t resonate with our natural constitution. 

Early imbalances and symptoms usually occur only in the gastrointestinal tract (the first filter and this is why digestion health is so vital).

Imbalances can start within the stomach, the small intestine or the Colon.  During this stage, we are still healthy and our body attempts to heal by itself.

We will even crave foods that will help us rebalance, (by using our intuition) so following these instincts is fundamental to wellness.

pH of the urine and saliva is normally alkaline. Having a pH of 6.8 to 7.

The chronic inflammatory index is normal.

Stage Two: Provocation (Prakopa)

The second stage is when this accumulation steadily increases. 

This happens because we have disregarded the accumulation stage and continued to live, eat and behave in a way that aggravates one or more of our normal detoxification processes.

This imbalance still is contained in our G.I tract, but symptoms move from being minor to more a general and regular discomfort.

Symptoms like bloating, wind, minor reflux or heartburn, irregular bowel motions or post nasal mucous may occur.

Again, at this stage, we can still easily restore ourselves to optimum health through dietary choices and other simple remedies by using our intuition.

pH of the urine and saliva may fluctuate between 6.2 to 7 becoming slightly acidic.

The chronic inflammatory index is minimal.

Stage Three: Dispersion (Prasara)

At stage three the excess toxins that have initially developed within the digestive system spreads to other parts of the body. 

Instead of our tastes and cravings calling for things that help us balance our metabolism, our impulses now shift to wants which aggravate our imbalance.

Sweet or savoury cravings usually dominate.

Since this stage is when toxins travel to other, secondary sites of the body, it is here that we often begin to see the skin affected.

Typical toxic overload may express through the skin as hives and rashes, skin dehydration or toxins may travel into the lymphatic system causing puffiness and water retention.

If the causes of the skin challenges are not addressed the toxins go deeper into the body.

Other warning signs as the toxins move through the other 3 filters (Liver, Immune and Kidneys) include weakness, dry skin, flatulence, constipation, insomnia, increased fear, aching joints, anxiety, headaches, unwarranted fatigue, intestinal gas, menstrual cramps, lower back pain, borborygmi (gurgling in stomach), or abdominal cramps, burning sensations of the body, increased body heat, bitter taste in the mouth, stomach acidity, increased anger, impatience, criticism, skin inflammations, excessive hunger, excessive thirst, heartburn, acid indigestion, or yellow skin, listlessness, heaviness in limbs, pallor, bloating, loss of appetite, lethargy, possessiveness, congestion, weak digestion, allergies, high cholesterol, nausea, or excessive sleep.

Also this is typically where the ageing process accelerates because the skin is a reflection of our inner vitality.

At this stage your intuition may even suggest to obtain help by visiting a Practitioner.

pH of the urine and saliva may fluctuate between 6 to 6.5 becoming acidic.

Chronic inflammation has been launched.

Stage Four: Deposition (Sthana Samsraya)

The fourth stage is the point in which this toxic disorder is now dumped into any weak areas within the body.

Most likely places that have had trauma or injury in the past. 

If metabolism and the connective tissue are strong, this excess toxic overload will not settle there, but it will accumulate within compromised areas and unfortunately these toxins will flourish.

This is why it is so important to keep our immune systems and connective tissue healthy as well as rehabilitating the body after trauma or surgery.

Within Stage Four any tests completed by your Doctor will reveal nothing is wrong even though you have not been feeling well for some time.

This stage is frustrating.

You have a number of symptoms that seem serious but from western medicine there is nothing to treat.

However, from Ancient Medicine this is the point where, if you are serious about health, one should seek help through Natural Medicine.

Stage Five: Manifestation (Vyatkti)

During this fifth stage toxins manifest disease.

This is usually when disease is identified within the Western Medicine model. 

Up until now no Western Doctor could have told you that there was anything wrong and it could have taken 20, 30 or 50 years to get to this stage.

However, for some it can happen very quickly.

You had a group of symptoms seemingly unrelated from the western model and unfortunately no blood test or X-ray or scan revealed any disease process.

But now any blood test or scan or X-ray easily reveals a disease process.

The toxic substances are amplified in the places where it has implanted itself.

Dryness or depletion occurs within organs and connective tissue; chronic inflammation is aggravated and intensifies; dampness and stagnation affects the spot of manifestation.

Initially dampness may move into the lungs, the usual symptom is phlegm coming up while coughing (especially after eating something that is inherently difficult to digest such as cold dairy products or greasy foods).

When the dampness is stored in the large intestine, we find mucus-lined stools, loose stools, sticky stools that are difficult to clean up after or diarrhea with undigested bits of food.

Even intestinal rumblings may be due to dampness.

Dampness is considered to be the cause of many illnesses such as high cholesterol, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies and environmental illness.

Stage five is where it is important to seek guidance from an experienced health practitioner.

pH of the urine and saliva may fluctuate between 5.5 to 6.5 becoming very acidic.

Chronic inflammation has deepened.

Stage Six: Differentiation/ Destruction (Bheda)

The last stage is the stage of differentiation / destruction.

By now, the disease is fully-grown and it begins to cause destruction of surrounding tissues and organs.

Here the diagnosis is easy.

You feel terrible and any test will reveal disease or destruction.

However for some, they never noticed the progression of their disease from stage one to now and unfortunately may have been considered themselves as fit and healthy.

Until the heart attack occurred or the cancer came from nowhere or . . .

It’s here where certain blood tests and tests will reveal serious disease.

Over exercising today is slowly being revealed as a major assault on the body and unfortunately there are no outward warning signs.

The person feels fit and healthy, but in stage 6 health has gone and disease has taken its place.

pH of the urine and saliva may fluctuate between 4.5 to 5.5 and is known as CRITICAL pH.

Chronic inflammation is the primary driver of all / any disease.

Do You Have Any Early Signs of Disease?

As you’ve just read, our body will give us many opportunities to re-balance, restore and heal ourselves.

Each sign or symptom is an opportunity to understand intuitively that our body needs help.

Listen and heal.


Don’t listen and the stages of disease will accumulate from Stage #1 to the last stage or Stage #6 of differentiation and or destruction.

We simply need to be sensitive to the way our body changes and aware of our own being.

A useful tip . . . The skin is a wonderful warning sign for revealing any imbalances, it reveals that Stage #3 of disease has manifested and help is needed.

To reinforce the importance of above here are the most important areas . . .

Stage One is where it all begins and Stage six is where serious disease occurs.

If you’re in Stage 5 or 6 the following may be how your day begins . . .

Imagine starting the day feeling terribly unwell – where your day begins with the grimacing words, “Oh Yuck, it’s morning!” – to finally enjoy getting out of bed with all the energy of a two year old, with a smile on your face, feeling alive and rejuvenated.

When you become pro-active with your health and you take on a mentor, your NEW phrase you use each morning is, “What a beautiful day, I can’t wait to get started!”

This renewed energetic feeling and zest for life MAY be possible and yes if you are in the later Stages of the disease process Health Restoration can occur, but it can be slower.

Proactive people with mentors experience less or have no more digestive problems, are now living PAIN FREE, have lost weight, have emotionally balanced their lives and are bounding with renewed energy because they have visited our Centre.

Our clients include well known International Celebrities, Australian Icons and Pro-active Clients who seek Preventative Medicine rather than waiting for the CRISIS to occur.

Also Practitioners within the Wellness Industry including Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, and in fact all modalities in the Wellness Profession come to us for help with their health challenges.

In short we are known as “The Practitioners’ Practitioner” where other Practitioners seek our help.

For those who would like to be proactive and who are not already members of our Centre . . .

Our Centre invites you to take action and become an active member of our Centre.

Statistically, 80% of people will not take preventative action before a health CRISIS OCCURS.

That Statistics is shocking.

Most people will only act when a diagnosis of an illness like Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke or Heart Attack has been given.

These people Unfortunately are then in a Health CRISIS . . . or Stage 6 of Disease

So why wait – make your Health and Wellbeing your top priority!

For those who have just come on board as active clients, and for those who are regular clients who have regular appointments, who have made a solid commitment to their health, we must applaud you for doing so because you are in the top 20% who are proactive and understand the importance of Mentors or having a Health Coach.

From an Ancient Medicine perspective, serious diseases like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, auto-immune diseases all go through 6 stages before being diagnosed?

As mentioned at the start of this article, Stage 1 is in the early stages, whereas Stage 6 is in the serious disease category like those just mentioned above.

Knowing this information is extremely good news!

Because for the wise and the astute you can, in most cases, predict where you are in the accumulation stages of disease.

Simple tests can help you to find out!

If in Stage 2 you have a long way to go before the CRISIS but if you’re in Stage 5 the CRISIS might be just around the corner.

Stages 1,2,3 or 4 are the times to take action.

Waiting until it reaches Stages 5 or 6 is not a good idea!

Therefore to put it another way, the more seemingly unimportant, unrelated symptoms you have, the further along the path towards serious disease you maybe.

However tens of thousands of clients are in appreciation at how our Centre has been able to help them, even if they were in Stages 5 or 6 when they first arrived at our Centre!

For example, if your waist measurement for males is above 104cm and women above 88cm you may already have a 500% more chance of a CRISIS occurring, like a heart attack, stroke, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, auto-immune diseases or for that matter any serious disease.

If you are above these above mentioned waist measurements (for males if above 104cm and women above 88cm) you may be further up the ladder towards a Serious Health Crisis than what you might of thought otherwise.

It’s known as Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome could also create fat around Heart, Liver and other major Organs.

With Metabolic Syndrome the body becomes bathed in inflammation. (1)

Here’s some shocking statistics . . .

  1. By 2044 EVERY WESTERN Child will be clinically OBESE. At present 1 in 4 Australian child is classified as obese. By 2058 every WESTERN ADULT will be clinically OBESE if nothing changes. (2), (3), (4)
  2. Depression is the leading cause of disability . (5)
  3. In the Western World Cancer rates 100 years ago were 1 in 300. Cancer rates today are 1 in 3 and if nothing is done it is expected to rise by another 50%. (6), (7)
  4. ‘Dementia epidemic biggest challenge of the future.’ (8)

Regrettably, with either simple health challenges or even debilitating ill health, the longer you wait the worse your illness is likely to become.

For example the more fat that accumulates around your tummy can lead to more pain being experienced, which may aggravate more emotional ups and downs and bring about more constant tiredness.

A Local Wellness Centre to Noosa residents in Queensland is being recognised not only Locally but Nationally and Internationally for their open-mindedness and direct style of moving patients from illness to restoring their Health and Vitality.

It’s simply amazing, as it seems to work for almost anyone who tries it . . .

We have 3 Levels of Care to manage your health needs and each level of care is designed to suit anyone’s budget.

The 3 different levels of care are:

  1. Basic Care
  2. Wellness Care
  3. Ultimate Blueprint Level of Care

At Unique Health and Wellness we provide the following Programs:

  • The Rapid Pain Relief Program that may help you relieve Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Joint and Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, Sciatica etc. 
  • A Program that may Help with Gut Pain like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux or bloating.
  • The Ultimate Fat Loss Program
  • A Program that may Boost your Energy giving you renewed vigour to make the most of each day.
  • A Program that may help alleviate Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Irritability, Mood Swings

 just to name a few.…

As mentioned earlier . . .

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P.S. Disclaimer

– The information provided does not take into account individual needs of any particular person.

When providing this information it is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research. The information provided should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.


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