‘The 5:2 Diet’ – The Latest Trend In Weight Loss …

Part 1 Of 2 – The 5:2 Diet Plan Explained!
It’s The Latest Trend In Weight Loss & Does It Work?

The health benefits of Fasting have been well documented for thousands of years and now Science has come to the same conclusion.

Recently the Sunday Night program on Channel 7, reported by Ross Coulhart, discussed the benefits of the 5:2 diet with Michael Mosley.

Michael is the person responsible for putting fasting as a weight loss alternative, back in the spot light.

Michael trained as a Doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London and after qualifying joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer.

Over the last 25 years he has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC, first behind the camera, more recently as a presenter.

Michael on his website says, “In The Fast Diet book I outline my experiences of trying different forms of intermittent fasting, before settling on what I called a 5:2 regime.

With 5:2 intermittent fasting you eat normally five days a week and diet two days a week, cutting your calorie intake for those two days to a ¼ of their normal level.

This means that say on a Monday and a Thursday you will eat 500 calories if you are a woman, 600 if you are a man.”

With any fat loss program exercise is a very important component of the regime.

Exercise is vital to help release and burn up excess calories that have been stored as fat.

The best form of exercise for this program is something known as “oxygen debt exercise”.

What is Oxygen debt exercise you may well ask?  

When you have a short intense burst of exercise such as sprinting, you generate energy for this anaerobically or without oxygen. When you stop exercising you are still breathing heavily.

This is your body taking in extra oxygen to ‘repay’ the oxygen debt.

At our Centre we recommend intermittent fasting and oxygen debt exercises and have found the same benefits as Michael Mosley.

However, initially it’s important to make sure your body is ready and strong enough for such a regime.

Why you ask? … Fat cells hold an excessive amount of toxins in them, such as heavy metals, pesticides and all manner of chemicals.

If a weight loss program is initiated before this toxic load is addressed then you can get quite sick, as your systems are unable to handle such a heavy dumping of toxins.

So, the question is, can you dramatically affect change in your body by simple fasting and oxygen debt exercise?

The answer is:  Most definitely.

The good news is that when you can conquer these simple principles and you enjoy these moments in time, you’ll want it to be a normal part of your life, not just a ‘one-off’ weight loss program like all the others,  you’ll want to make this a way of life.

You may not know, but Wayne has been utilising this program as a part of his health and weight regime for many years.

No more pushing or prodding yourself to be motivated anymore.

Use these methods and you too will be astounded by your results in no time.

As with any changes of diet or weight loss program, it’s always advisable to speak to your Health Coaches before starting, just to make sure that what your undertaking is the best possible regime for you.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 5:2 experience.

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