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The following article is #4 in our 4-part series on Emotional Health

Emotions can be tricky to identify. 

A lot of us are afraid of our emotions. 

This actually is not surprising considering as children the majority of us were told something along the lines of ‘harden up’ when we felt sad or angry. 

All of this emotional dismissal causes the child to turn a blind eye to their emotions and put up many walls, over and over again until adulthood. 

This creates adults who are completely oblivious to what their body is trying to tell them. 

The key to tearing these walls down is to confront and identify our emotions and instead of viewing emotions as the enemy, start to change our perspective and see them as our ally. 

 . . .messengers that can continue to build a more resilient and peaceful inner environment.

Human beings are emotional creatures. We are meant to feel. 

One of the biggest symptoms of repressed emotions is chronic illness and diseases such as cancer, especially repressed stress and anger.   

We aren’t supposed to live this way.

Finding healthy ways to identify and release these emotions will allow us to heal and lead a more fulfilling, authentic life, and can also unlock your potential and help you succeed in the areas you may have had trouble with before.  

Luckily the narrative around emotions and brain health is changing.

There are more studies, which means it is less of a taboo subject and there are more tools and support available to those who need it. 

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