Toilet Cleaning Chemicals That Lay Hidden In Your Food

Processed foods are laden with poison. 

Excessive amounts of sugars, salts, trans fats preservatives and chemical like MSG. 

They have very little nutritive value and it is a bit of a stretch to actually call them a food.  

Unfortunately these products are the most advertised on television, billboards, magazines, newspapers, social media etc, and consequently more that 60% of food ingested in America is “processed” food, and the rest of the world has similar stats. 

They may be more convenient with their longer shelf life, easy to eat, well packaged, extra flavour-enhanced, addictive taste, but the reality is that it is taking a huge toll on your health, in fact I’m going to go as far as saying it is extremely dangerous to your health. 

Life is too short to waste it on consuming such products.

Take a moment to look at the labels of the food you buy. 

If there are numbers in the ingredients list, the manufacturer is hiding harmful substances in your food. Take note of the amount of sugar and salt in your food. 

Shockingly, there are 35g or 9 teaspoons of sugar in a single can of coke.

Some of the other shocking ingredients in our foods include: 

  • Titanium dioxide, which is commonly used in paints and sunscreens, is also found in many salad dressings, coffee creamers and cake icing.
  • One of the key ingredients in many canned and fast food chilli is silicon dioxide, also known as sand.
  • Lanolin, an oily substance found in sheep’s wool, is an additive used in chewing gum.
  • Cellulose, which is actually ground-up wood pulp, is often used as an anti-caking agent in bagged cheeses.
  • Sodium bisulfite, a toilet bowl cleaning chemical, is also used in potato chips.

One of the biggest lies we are being fed are our breakfast cereals. 

They are advertised as being “rich in vitamins and minerals”. 

What this means is that the food is lacking so much in nutrition that the manufacturer is forced to add vitamins and minerals, then they advertise it as something virtuous. 

A comprehensive research review of 172 clinical studies published in the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition concluded that virtually all chronic diseases are partially caused by our modern diet of engineered foods. [1]

Sadly it is becoming a bit of a hard task to find alternatives, with the amount of processed foods on our supermarket shelves continuously increasing. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to chose them.  

One of the greatest rules of life is the 80/20 rule. 

80% of the time, choose your health. 

Opt for whole foods.

Take a cooking class. You can even get food boxes with recipes delivered to your door these days. Snack on fruits and nuts, and homemade treats.  When cooking, use whole foods (vegetables, beans and legumes), fresh, organic lean meats when you can, use fresh herbs, spices, fresh cracked pepper and pickling salt.

20% of the time you can be more lenient with yourself. 

I advise when purchasing processed foods to still check the labels and opt for the version with no additives or that are naturally flavoured. 

Until next time, 

Dedicated to Improving Your Wellbeing and Committed To Helping You Achieve Abundant Health and Wealth, 

The team at Unique Health and Wellness.


Healing challenges may also occur when taking any supplement.

For instance if someone is low in zinc and they begin taking even a small amount of zinc they can feel nauseous and upset in the stomach.

If someone is low in magnesium or vitamin C and they begin taking just small amounts of either of these supplements, they can experience loose bowels or even quite severe diarrhoea.

This is just a couple of examples of how the body begins to heal, and I'll leave you with one more. 

If someone is severely deficient in vitamin B (especially B12) when they begin supplementing they can experience a faster detoxification which can leave them feeling headachy, tired and lethargic with muscle cramps.

If you weren't aware of these healing challenges, you would think you were experiencing a side-effect. 

A side-effect means it is a negative reaction.

 However, it is important to understand experiencing a healing challenge means that your body desperately needs the nutrients or supplement but you may have to start with a smaller dose and work up to the recommended dosage. 


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