Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body (The Benefits of Tongue Scraping)

Oral microbiome is the name given to the bacterial colony of the mouth. 

This natural ecosystem is unique to each person and it affects the health of the entire body. 

Good dental health relies on the delicate balance and diversity of the beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungi, beneficial viruses and more inside the mouth.

New studies have shown that an imbalance (dysbiosis) of oral microbiome is also linked to other health issues in the body including: 

       *Increased risk of Periodontal disease, tooth decay and gingivitis

       *Respiratory/lung conditions 

       *Increased risk of complications during pregnancy


       *High blood pressure

       *Increased risk of stroke 

       *Increased risk of heart disease


One way to greatly improve your oral health is by using a tongue scraper daily. 

What is Tongue Scraping?

Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice that is largely overlooked. 

It is an effective way to remove any build up of toxins left over on the tongue. 

It is done with a small tool made of metal or plastic, that is shaped like an arch, or slightly rounded.  

Why you should scrape your tongue . . . 

     1. During the night, your digestive system is not asleep. It works hard to detoxify your body. During the day toxins can build up on the tongue and the detoxification process at night adds to this build up. By scraping the tongue you remove these toxins entirely from your body, improving the efficiency your digestive system and your overall health.

     2. These toxins are one of the main drivers of bad breath (halitosis). By scraping away the bacteria and toxins, you can reach and clean the deeper regions of your tongue.  

     3. Scraping also helps to prevent tooth decay, periodontitis and gingivitis.

     4. By removing this build up it leaves your taste buds more exposed allowing you to taste food better.

     5. It leaves your mouth feeling tingly and fresh.

When to use a tongue scraper. 

The best time to scrape your tongue is when you wake up in the morning, as one of the first things you do. This will remove all of the toxins that have deposited on your tongue overnight in the detoxification process, and prevent you from swallowing these back down into your system again.  

If halitosis is a problem for you, it may be beneficial to scrape after every meal. 

How to tongue scrape. 

If possible, use a stainless steel tongue scraper. It is a lot more beneficial to your health (due to the antibacterial and non-porous nature of stainless steel) and also the environment than plastic tongue scrapers. Another option worth considering is the copper tongue scraper. 

Scrape the tongue 7 to 14 times, rinsing the scraper after each scrape. 

Then rinse your mouth and carry on with the rest of your routine. 

Those of you who already scrape your tongue with a toothbrush may be thinking that you are doing enough to remove the bacteria and toxins from your mouth. 

The truth is that you are merely moving the toxins around, depositing them on your toothbrush and potentially putting them right back in your mouth again the next time your brush. 

When you use a tongue scraper for the first time, you will be amazed at what you see. 

It is so effective and satisfying actually being able to see all of the build up that you are removing. 

Where you can buy a tongue scraper?

Most health food shops stock tongue scrapers, and you can also find them online. 

Look for one made of stainless steel or copper. 

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