Cheaper prices and free shipping are usually the reasons why online stores like EBAY and Amazon, and even Health Food Stores are used to purchase health supplements. 

It is enticing, it's cheaper and it's so convenient, but unfortunately the risks far outweigh the benefits in these cases, and the majority of the time the consumer loses. 

Firstly, let’s look at purchasing products from Chemists, Health Food Stores or supermarkets. 

The following is only one example of thousands of stories I have heard during my 30 plus years as a health practitioner. 

Bill and Fiona (names have been changed for confidentiality purposes) booked an appointment to see me at Unique Health and Wellness. 

Fiona was taking a Magnesium Bisglycinate supplement for her Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Bill was taking Saw Palmetto for his prostate. 

These supplements had been purchased from their local Health Food Store, and they had been told that they were the best quality supplements available. 

There had been no improvement in their health conditions with either of these supplements. They had been taking them for 6 months. 

I advised that they stop taking the supplements they had purchased from the Health Food Store, and prescribed practitioner-only herbs with the same dosages and the improvements were seen almost immediately. 

Fiona’s RLS disappeared in only 4 weeks and Bills prostate symptoms decreased by 60% in the same amount of time. 


For me the answer is easy. 

What I prescribed are Practitioner Only Products. 

Even though both of the products read the same, with the same ingredients and the same dosage, the way in which these Practitioner Only Products are manufactured are at an far superior standard and the quality of the ingredients are outstanding because of where they are sourced. 

Because of these reasons, they are more expensive through our clinic. 

More expensive, but you see results. 

Your health improves and you can actually see a bang for your buck. 

The reason supplements bought from your local Chemist, Health Food Store or supermarket may be sold so inexpensively are: 

     1. The quality of the product could be inferior 

     2. They contain ingredients that may be artificially made. 

     3. They may contain heavy metals and chemicals. 

     4. Drugs could be added to the supplement, and yes, they can come with side effects. 

Now we will move onto online stores like EBAY and Amazon. This is really risky business.  

The three main reasons these products can be sold so inexpensively may be: 

     1. They could be counterfeit and probably dangerous.

     2. They could be useless expired products that have been repackaged as new.

     3. They may be stolen products released on the black market without any quality control. 

Counterfeit products are created to mirror a name-brand health supplement and often contain little to none of the active main ingredient and have even been known to be filled with mostly sawdust! Sometimes they can have dangerously high amounts of the medicinal ingredients. 

These products are either really dangerous to you health, or will have absolutely no effect of your overall wellbeing. 

Criminals like this know their stuff. They can not only counterfeit the product, but also the paperwork that goes with it, creating a convoluted international web of shell companies so that it is next to impossible to figure out the paper trail. 

They know that there are virtually no consequences for selling illegal health supplements online, and they absolutely take advantage of that opportunity. 

The sad thing is that small businesses and brand-holders are the ones that lose out. 

"The IACC (International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition) estimates that brand-holders (the legitimate companies behind name-brand, non-counterfeit products) lose approximately $600 billion of revenue annually because of counterfeiting.” (1)

This is why it's so important to buy directly from your trusted health practitioner or from a legitimate manufacturer. 

You don’t want to be supporting something illegal or putting yours and your families health at risk. 

Selling expired products is another way products can be sold so cheap online. 

Expired products are easy to obtain - Legitimate companies often put their almost expired products up for sale for a fraction of the cost.  

All the criminal has to do then is to replace the label and add a fake expiration date and they’re in business.  

Lastly, there is just plain old theft…

Criminals will simply break into a legitimate warehouse and either sell it themselves, or distribute the product to other criminal enterprises and the product ends up on EBAY or Amazon at alarmingly cheap prices. 

Even though this is the genuine supplement, criminals will work with counterfeited and expired products too, so they will often get mixed up. 

It’s just not worth buying from these sources. You could be putting your health in danger. 

To ensure you are always getting safe vitamins and supplements: 

     1. Never buy from EBAY or Amazon or any other online website you don’t trust. 

     2. Only buy directly from the manufacturer or your trusted health practitioner. 

     3. Do some research and know the supplement standards. 

     4. Avoid cheap products and;

     5. If in doubt, call up and ask questions. Most counterfeit companies will only give very vague or short, uneducated answers, especially about the manufacturing processes. 

Buying Practitioner Only Products means that you are supporting a local, small business or a legitimate manufacturer instead of a potential criminal enterprise. 

You can also feel confident that the product will be of the highest quality, working in the way that it should and will support you on your wellness journey. 

Because you are a member of the Clinic, you now have access to these Practitioner Only Products so please take advantage of this! 

If you feel as though you need more Vitamin C or a Vitamin D product, for example please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. 

Please do not take the risk. For your health's sake. 

Until next time, 

Dedicated to Improving Your Wellbeing and Committed To Helping You Achieve Abundant Health and Wealth, 

The team at Unique Health and Wellness.

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