‘I Couldn’t Be Happier!’

Magnesium Case Studies You Have To Read To Believe . . .

With each one of the following case studies, it is important to note as I’m going through them, that magnesium is the basis of what each client is prescribed. However, other herbs and nutrients are also always prescribed alongside, which are unique to each client depending upon their blood chemistries from their pathology results.

“My Sleep Challenges are Now Great and My Energy, Memory, and Mood has also Improved.”

A female client, aged 48, presented with sleep challenges, especially difficulty getting to sleep and waking several times during the night. 

Her sleep hygiene score was 9 out of 10 where a terrible nights sleep is 10.

Her mind was always active, especially with what is going on at the moment; worried about the virus, her family and what it means for her future. 

Stress had enveloped her for many many years, causing decades of sleep deprivation, and this added stress was making it worse.

She had tried many practitioners and different protocols for over 20 years and had not experienced any relief.

She also tried a number of other over-the-counter magnesium and herbal supplements for sleep but had found that 

they were of no help either. 

A supplement for stress containing Magnesium Bisglycinate was prescribed at one level scoop, 30 minutes before bed, with important sleep hygiene suggestions, including:

1. Avoiding any “screens” for an hour before wanting to sleep

2. Going to bed earlier, and;

3. Avoiding light during the night, as she would always read when she woke at 2am. 

On her next visit she wasn’t getting the desired results. 

After further questioning I introduced another magnesium supplement during the day and worked harder to restore her p/H as she was very acidic.

When she returned 4 weeks later her sleep issues had disappeared. 

She was over the moon, her sleep hygiene score is now a constant 

1 or 2 and that was 6 months ago. 

To this day she still has great sleep patterns.

Her energy, memory, and mood has also improved. 

“I Couldn’t Be Happier! My Restless Legs Are Gone, Energy Restored, and My Anxiety and Sleep Are So Much Better!”

A 65 year old male client came to see me with restless leg syndrome, anxiety, low mood, sleep challenges and limited energy.

His sleep hygiene score was 7 out of 10, his energy score was a 8 out of 10 (where 10 is no energy) and his stress and mood score was very high. 

He also said he had constant bloating especially when he drank water and other gut challenges which suggested to me a Gut-Brain challenge. 

Interestingly . . .

Over 80% of sleep hormones are made in the Gut. 

He was prescribed a specific Magnesium supplement for inflammation which would help with p/H balance, restless legs and the anxiety and low mood. 

Another sleep formula which included Magnesium was given 30 minutes prior to sleep. 

Sleep hygiene suggestions were offered and other supplements were given for his missing nutrients which were determined by his bloods.

Each month when he came in for his regular appointments his dosages of magnesium were increased, sometimes decreased and after three and a half months his symptoms had gone down to a 3 out of 10. 

We are still working on getting them better and we are now working on healing his Gut challenges. 

In his own words, “I couldn’t be happier.” 

“My Thyroid Challenges Gone & I Totally Understand Now, That Health is a Journey!”
A 33-year-old female client presented with low thyroid, over weight, low energy, anxiety and sleep disturbances.

Also cycle problems were noted with pain of mensural cycle, mood swings and swollen breasts. 

Her diet wasn’t the best and she loved sugar especially chocolate and coffee.

The following was suggested . . . 

A Magnesium supplement taken in the morning for pH balance and thyroid function. 

A different Magnesium for dinner for her cycle and hormonal challenges and one for night for her sleep issues.

Changes to her diet, reducing sugar and caffeine.

Improve sleep hygiene.

Increase protein that is vegan derived.

Specific 4 minute a day exercises to exercise over 

180 of her muscles 3 times a week.

Nutrients specific to her pathology results were added.

Dramatic improvements were noted in only 2 and a bit months …. 

We are working continuously on restoring 

The Four Fireman 

(as I like to call them . . .) ;

#The Gut

#The Liver

#The Immune system

#The Kidneys

She totally understands that health is a journey and she loves her maintenance zoom consultations when required, usually every 3 to 4 months.

Something Of Importance To Note . . . 

Healing challenges may also occur when taking any supplement.

For instance if someone is low in zinc and they begin taking even a small amount of zinc they can feel nauseous and upset in the stomach.

If someone is low in magnesium or vitamin C and they begin taking just small amounts of either of these supplements, they can experience loose bowels or even quite severe diarrhoea.

This is just a couple of examples of how the body begins to heal, and I'll leave you with one more. 

If someone is severely deficient in vitamin B (especially B12) when they begin supplementing they can experience a faster detoxification which can leave them feeling headachy, tired and lethargic with muscle cramps.

If you weren't aware of these healing challenges, you would think you were experiencing a side-effect. 

A side-effect means it is a negative reaction.

 However, it is important to understand experiencing a healing challenge means that your body desperately needs the nutrients or supplement but you may have to start with a smaller dose and work up to the recommended dosage. 


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