We Finally pH Strips That Test pH AND Alkalinity!

Right now some of you may be thinking . . .

“I thought they were the same!” 

The difference is. . .

The pH test strips that you normally get only measure hydrogen ions  (pictured here).

The pH of a solution is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. The pH scale ranges between 0 and 14, with 7 being neutral. 

A pH reading for humans can be between 4.6 and high 8's. 

For ultimate health we want a reading of 7.5. 

Alkalinity is about how a substance neutralises an acid. 

Think of a battery terminal leaking white acid as pictured above. 

A way we could remove this is to use Sodium Bicarbonate, mix it with water and carefully apply to this this gooey mess. 

On contact, it would then effervesce/bubble, neutralise the acid and get rid of the gunk.

We can do the same with our body. 

If our body is too acidic, we need to alkalise the acidity. To do this, knowing our alkalinity number is extremely helpful so we know when we have reached the optimum level of Alkalinity. 

On the scale, an alkalinity reading can be between 0 and 720 parts per million (ppm). Our aim is to get our alkalinity to 120ppm. 

However, to give the body an alkaline boost for a month, which is essential, the goal is to get the salivary pH to 7.5 and alkalinity to 240ppm for the whole month.

All this is explained in a 4 page PDF when you buy any of the products below.

Not all bicarbonates are similar. 

Some are Industrial grade, commercial or food grade.

Unfortunately . . . 

If it’s not Safe Soda it won’t Alkalise the body. 

Other bicarbonates only alkalise the urine, not the entire body which is a waste of money and resources. 

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Also, they have an awesome bath / spa product as well!

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