Improve Your Memory, Part 3

The following post is #3 in our 4-part series on Memory Loss 

How Our Emotions Can Affect Our Brain Health

It is so interesting to deeply get to know the body and mind. The mind I find especially interesting as it holds the key to most of out ailments.  

From a Western medicine perspective, 95% of all thoughts are programmed prior to the age of 7. 

This statement suggests to us that it is set for life, that there is no changing our thought patterns, that there is no opportunity to re-program. 

Ancient medicine however, has said the cause to all disharmony, disease and suffering, including memory loss, is due to the “mistake of the intellect”. 

This is also known as “pragya-aparadh”. 

Pragya-apardh is when the intellect loses connection with the wholeness of our consciousness and identifies itself solely with the physical body. 

When the mind is disconnected in this way, we are unable to pay attention to even the most basic cues or signals sent to us by our body. 

This manifests into poor diet and lifestyle choices, ill health and suffering. The ‘mistakes’ are classified into three groups : 

     1. Lack of intellect/ignorance 

     2. Acting despite of awareness, and 

     3. Loss of memory in favour of poor decision. 

Decisions are no longer made from the level of consciousness… we have forgotten our selves. 

When we feel this isolation and separation from the whole, we feel stress. 

Stress is connected to fear and these are major players when it comes to not only memory loss, but all illness, disease and suffering. 

Regaining your health means realigning with your bodies intelligence.

I much prefer this ancient medicine perspective by using the word “mistake”, as this can be remedied with a little work, awareness and support. 

Science suggests that the average human has about 70,000 thoughts a day and 80% of these are pessimistic or negative, and 90% of these are from the past. 

The law of abundance states that what we think about most becomes our reality. 

Therefore, if most of our thoughts are from the past, then we create our future FROM our past.

The more past memories we have due to psychological trauma, stress or negative experiences the more we hoard these memories in our subconscious. 

This can create chronic inflammation within the amygdala, causing it to swell which then leads to depression and anxiety. 

When the amygdala swells, the hippocampus shrinks in response and our memory declines. 

This then leads to more frequent bouts of questions like “Where are my keys?”, “What did I come in here for?”, “What was that person's name I met yesterday?”. 

Therefore, the more negative or stressful memories we store, the more the amygdala swells, and the worse our memory becomes. 

In general, the person who is depressed is usually; subconsciously and unknowingly, thinking about the past. 

Whereas the person who is anxious is; subconsciously and unknowingly, thinking about the future. 

In our first post on Memory Loss, we went over how acidity plays a major role in our brain health. (Please give it a read if you haven’t already). 

Interestingly, all negative emotions are acidic to the body. 

We also mentioned briefly that one of the best things we can do for our brain health and acidity levels is to simply breathe deeply. 

Breathwork exercises, yoga, exercise and meditation are all techniques that can drastically transform our brain health. 

In ancient medicine, and even in Western Medicines understanding today, there is a common phrase now used called mindfulness. 

Ancient medicine calls it silent-witnessing.  

Mindfulness or silent-witnessing is essentially a meditation, where we observe our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surroundings inside each moment. 

This is done through the eyes of a compassionate observer, without judgement or feelings of shame or guilt. 

When the mind wanders, we note where it has wandered and calmly bring our awareness back to the ‘now’ or the present moment. 

By doing this we can consciously heal many of our internal wounds, fears and traumas. 

Each time we observe, accept and return to now we are letting go of these emotions. 

We begin to forgive ourselves, and forgive those who may have hurt us, lifting or stripping away the heavy layers that keep us from realising our true potential, and transforming our suffering into understanding and compassion. 

The mind can be brought back to the present moment by focusing on our breathing or sensations felt throughout our body. 

Examples of some of these sensations may be where we feel cool or warm, a breeze or sunlight on your skin, taking note of the ground beneath your feet as you walk, using all of the senses when we eat, or how the breath feels as it touches the upper lip as we exhale.  

There are numerous scientific research studies on the benefits of regular practice of mindfulness and meditation for learning, creativity, ability to focus and long and short term memory.  

If you feel you need to go deeper into your subconscious to lift or re-write some of the more challenging self-limiting beliefs, then a psychology program such as PSYCH-K may be able to help you

Over the years, Wayne has looked at many ways of trying to change subconscious beliefs fast. 

For example, he has taught meditation, meditated with five to ten thousand people, he is a hypnotherapist, he has studied and practiced many different types of kinesiology techniques, he has travelled the world seeking answers to this question.  

To date, the only technique that Wayne has found that brings fast and lasting results of letting go of old subconscious beliefs, is PSYCH-K. 

PSYCH-K is a form of energy psychology that uses certain Kinesiology processes to reprogram our subconscious beliefs that may be self-deprecating, self-limiting or self-destructive. 

Wayne has adapted and expanded on this technique, using the knowledge and wisdom he has accumulated on his journey, creating a unique and powerful tool that can help to remove the emotional charge associated with these subconscious negative beliefs. 

This can be conducted via phone, zoom or in person, making it more accessible than ever before.

By freeing the mind of this emotional charge, we may see a decrease in chronic inflammation in the amygdala and an improvement in memory, just to name a couple of the incredible changes you may discover.  

If you would like to know more about PSYCH-K, please click the button below to watch an informative 10-minute video. 

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