Redox Signaling Molecules are so Important to Life, That Without Them, a Person Would be Dead Within Seconds . . .

For 14 years I had a machine that used to be able to predict pH balance and redox molecules but I never had a product. 

When prescribing I always felt there was something missing because Redox Signaling Molecules tell the immune system what to do, antioxidants can’t work without them and stem cells don’t know where to go without them. . . 

…. and so much more!

However, as mentioned I never had a supplement that could fill the void because at the time I thought that it was impossible to be able to put these amazing molecules into a bottle and stabilise them. 

To me, this is how important these molecules are . . . 

Five years ago if someone came to me and asked me to recommend just two products for maintenance I would answer the first is Magnesium Bisglycinate (not just any form of magnesium) and the second would be determined by your personal bloods.

These days the answer without hesitation, due to new science, is Redox molecules first and second, Magnesium Bisglycinate.

Leading scientist are saying that Redox signaling molecules are so important to life that without them, a person would be dead within seconds. 

Leading medical research groups are dedicating huge sums of money to the study of these tiny molecules because it is believed that redox imbalance plays a role in diseases from cancer to diabetes. 

There’s over 20,000 peered reviewed articles on Redox alone.

Redox signaling molecules are a cornerstone to disease prevention.

What They Are

Our cells require balance, also known as homeostasis, to function at their best. 

A buildup of oxidative stress in a cell is a warning that a cell is damaged or poorly functioning.

This oxidative buildup is the way a cell knows something is wrong and communicates to the body to repair or replace it—it signals the genes inside the cell’s nucleus, and this is the redox signaling process.

Redox signaling molecules are the communication centres in your cells. These molecules are responsible for sending powerful messages that help rejuvenate, restore, and protect cells. 

Redox molecules signal when something is going wrong or needs to be changed, and then the body fixes the problem.  

How They Are Produced

The human body is comprised of trillions of cells, and inside each one are mitochondria. There can even be hundreds of mitochondria in each individual cell. 

When functioning optimally, homeostasis is achieved and mitochondria produce redox signaling molecules.

Unfortunately, certain things slow down or hinder the process of redox signaling molecules. Everyday things like stress, aging, and toxins in the environment can interfere with your redox signaling molecules’ ability to function and send messages, and when homeostasis isn’t achieved in a cell, it can actually turn your genes off. 

If your genetic instructions, which dictate healthy body functions, turn off, your health is at risk.  

What to do about it?

At Unique Health and Wellness, our dedication and commitment to helping our clients achieve ultimate health is paramount. 

When this information was presented to us, we knew that finding a supplement for Redox Signalling Molecules would be our next mission. 

Thankfully, we have. 

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Until next time, 

Dedicated to Improving Your Wellbeing and Committed To Helping You Achieve Abundant Health and Wealth, 

The team at Unique Health and Wellness.

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