Zingiber officinale – THE POWER OF GINGER

GINGER’s botanical name is Zingiber officinale and is a tropical perennial plant growing to approximately ½ metre in height with grass-like leaves and stalks or rhizomes, which is the part used for culinary and medicinal purposes. 

Ginger is related to the spices Turmeric and Cardamom.

It is grown widely throughout Asia, Africa, India, Jamaica and Mexico. Ginger was a highly sought after spice, and a person’s wealth was often associated with the trade of Ginger.

It is said that as far back as 500 B.C. Confucius wrote of ‘never being without ginger when he ate’. 

It was also used as a Chinese Folk treatment for baldness where pulverized ginger was applied to the head.

Ginger is a very popular and revered herb used by many Ancient cultures throughout time to treat many conditions such as regulating digestion, improving circulation and to reduce the symptoms of nausea.

It is one of the most widely used and recognised herbs throughout the world being used as a food, beverage and for natural herbal medicine. 

Records of its use date back thousands of years and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine viewed it as a ‘Gift from God’. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is described as a pungent, dry and warming yang herb having carminative, diaphoretic and spasmolytic actions and good for improving the spleen and digestive systems. 

It warms the energy channels and is also a great detoxifier and improves a weak and tardy pulse.

In Ayurvedic Medicine, ginger has been used to reduce cholesterol, to block excessive clotting in relation to heart disease and to assist with arthritic pain.

Ginger has also a valued history in Japanese Medicine, and was held in high esteem by the Greek, Romans and the Spanish. 

In Arabian Medicine it was considered an Aphrodisiac.

Ginger is also well known to improve circulation and digestion and especially good for people who suffer from cold hands and feet. 

It is also renowned as a remedy for the treatment of all types of nausea including morning sickness, motions sickness from sea, car or air and for nauseas caused by chemotherapy and other cancer drugs.

Other conditions which may benefit from the therapeutic properties of Ginger are:

     • May help to strengthen the body after blood loss

     • It’s anti-inflammatory actions may help with arthritis

     • May assist in the balancing of hormones and assist period pain

     • May help alleviate the discomfort of colic

Ginger is available as a Tea, in capsules, in powdered form and as a liquid tincture for herbal preparations. 

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