Clearing Up The Muddy Waters . . . 

Sugar and Cholesterol are two of the most misunderstood components of the modern day diet. Many are adamant on lowering their cholesterol, believing that it kills, while still consuming something much more harmful to their health .. sugar.


Talk of fat is everywhere. It is of popular belief that it is terrible for us, that it causes all of our health issues and too much fat will lead to death. 

This kind of belief is marketed to us through advertising on TV, billboard, radio, magazines and “FAT FREE” is plastered across many products at the supermarket. 

The notion that fat is bad for us could not be further from the truth. 

Fat is not the problem; sugar is. 

Fat is good for us, for our brain health and is essential for many of our bodily functions. 

. . . Of course I'm talking about good fats not unhealthy fats like 

  • Commercially-baked pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins,cakes, pizza dough.           
  • Packaged snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips)
  • Margarine, vegetable shortening.
  • Fried foods (French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, breaded fish)

To name a few sources . . . 

But if I eat fat, won't I get fat? 



Because the body doesn't need hormones like insulin to utilise fat for energy. 

In fact, fat only requires six enzymes to convert it into energy - making it an incredibly efficient fuel source. 

"Sugar, on the other hand, stimulates a huge insulin response. 

When you consume sugar, the first thing that happens is you get an enormous spike in your blood glucose. 

As glucose rises, insulin rises in an attempt to clear the blood of that glucose, and what's not burnt is converted to fat and stored as adipose tissue." [1]

How Hormones and Sugar are Linked

You might have the belief that if you eat something with a high sugar content that you can hit the gym afterward to burn off the excess fat.

You can do that, but the fat is not the problem here - it is hormonal response associated with sugar that causes the most damage. 

We are talking about Insulin. 

Insulin is a hormone, and as mentioned before after eating sugar, high amounts of insulin is released. 

Too much insulin will create imbalances with other hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone which can alter the natural state of the body. 

When these hormones are out of whack, they can be responsible for diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease and cause joint problems and aches and pains. 

it is not the consumption of fat that caused this chain of events, it is the consumption of Sugar. 

How Foods That Are High in Sugar Impact Blood Chemistry

The Corrupt Sugar Industry

Unfortunately we are told lies . . a lot.

The idea that fat is the enemy has been fed to us by corrupt companies looking to capitalise on sugar. 

"The New York Times reported that in the 1960s, when scientists were looking into the correlations between sugar, fat and heart disease, the 'Sugar Research Foundation' (now known as the Sugar Association) paid three Harvard scientists about $50,000 each to downplay the link between sugar and heart health. 

Instead, they cast aspersions on saturated fat." [2]

After this research was published, many people adopted the low-fat diet. 

Unfortunately a lot of these products that are labelled “low-fat” are laced with high amounts of sugar. 

This lead to the rise in much of the cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity we see today. 

No industry produces fat as a commodity - so there is less money to be made. In comparison, many large industries produce products like sugar as a commodity; hence the corruption.

Sugar is Addictive

Sugar has drug-like qualities in that it is highly addictive. 

It is made up of two molecules; glucose and fructose. 

Glucose is naturally produced by the body, so we do not need to consume it through food, and it is necessary and vital to several bodily functions. 

Fructose on the other hand serves absolutely no purpose to the body at all. It has a sweet taste, and it is the reason that sugar is so addictive - it behaves like a drug. 

An article published in Forbes, stated "research has shown that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) impacts the brain in a way similar to addictive drugs. 

It triggers a response in the brain's reward system circuitry that leads to continued cravings, in much the same way as a narcotic". 

The addictiveness of fructose is what leads to the overconsumption of sugar-rich foods, which creates another problem; food manufacturers and companies are commercially incentivised to include it in as many of their products as possible.

Sugar is Rife - It's in Everything

When we think of sugar, what comes to mind might be foods like doughnuts, lollies, soft drinks, and ice cream. 

Unfortunately sugar is not confined to these sweet foods. The majority of processed foods on our supermarket shelves contain sugar, or more specifically high fructose corn syrup. 


Seemingly healthy, affordable and convenient foods are laced with this additive leading to catastrophic increases in chronic health problems, worldwide, especially diabetes; as illustrated in the figure below 

Keep an eye on the ingredients list of your foods, especially foods like sauces, bread, processed meats, sweetened yoghurt, fruit juice, salad dressings, cereals and muesli/protein bars. 

Worldwide Diabetes Statistics

Global burden of diabetes mellitus from 1990 to 2025. (A) incidence number; (B) age-standardised incidence rate; (C) prevalence number; (D) age-standardised prevalence rate; (E) Death number; (F) age standardised mortality rate; (G) DALYs number; (H) age standardised DALYs rate. DALYs: disability-adjusted life-years.


Sugar is the Catalyst for Increased Disease

The sugar issue is three-fold.

Firstly, it's in everything, so we often consume it unknowingly.

Secondly, it's addictive, so it's hard to stop even if we know we're consuming it. 

Thirdly, the digestive system has only 2 receptors that know what to do with sugar, whereas for bitter foods that heal the body, the digestive system has 18 or more receptors.

Which means we have no idea how to digest sugar. 

That’s why after a binge on sugar you don’t feel satisfied and you’re still are hungry.

But what specifically about sugar causes disease?

Sugar causes disease in three ways. 

The first is that sugar is extremely ACIDIC. I have written many articles on being acidic and the increase in disease.  

The second is that the liver turns fructose into liver fat (fatty liver), which is the catalyst for chronic metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

Thirdly, fructose binds to protein in the body and causes oxidation. When this happens, those proteins become less flexible. 

Dr Robert Lustig points out that, "If it happens in your arteries, that gives you arteriosclerosis or hypertension. If it happens in your brain, you get Alzheimer's disease."

Ultimately, excessive sugar consumption drives what's known as metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Metabolic syndrome is driven by mitochondrial dysfunction, which is driven by overconsumption of fructose. 

So, despite what you've heard about fat or saturated fat, sugar is the leading catalyst for poor health and disease.

In our next article, we will take a look at THE TRUTH ABOUT CHOLESTEROL. 

The reality is, that low cholesterol does not equal good health. 

Too many health professionals and people are hell-bent on lowering cholesterol without paying attention to the consequences.

Until next time, 

Dedicated to Improving Your Wellbeing and Committed To Helping You Achieve Abundant Health and Wealth, 

The team at Unique Health and Wellness.


Healing challenges may also occur when taking any supplement.

For instance if someone is low in zinc and they begin taking even a small amount of zinc they can feel nauseous and upset in the stomach.

If someone is low in magnesium or vitamin C and they begin taking just small amounts of either of these supplements, they can experience loose bowels or even quite severe diarrhoea.

This is just a couple of examples of how the body begins to heal, and I'll leave you with one more. 

If someone is severely deficient in vitamin B (especially B12) when they begin supplementing they can experience a faster detoxification which can leave them feeling headachy, tired and lethargic with muscle cramps.

If you weren't aware of these healing challenges, you would think you were experiencing a side-effect. 

A side-effect means it is a negative reaction.

 However, it is important to understand experiencing a healing challenge means that your body desperately needs the nutrients or supplement but you may have to start with a smaller dose and work up to the recommended dosage. 


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