The Art of Food Combining

What is Food Combining?

Food combining is an Ayurvedic practice that can dramatically improve the quality of the body's digestion and absorption of nutrients, resulting in more nourishment and increased overall health and wellbeing.  

It is understanding how to eat properly - that some foods digest better together while others do not.  

In Ayurveda foods have their own distinct energetic and taste qualities. 

Combining these in the wrong way can be overwhelming to the digestive system and create stagnation, bloating, gas and toxin build-up. 

Please remember that this is not a complete set of rigid rules to go by. 

Food combining is a great tool for improving digestion and health but it must be approached slowly and gently. 

Some combinations are easy to follow, while others may be a total game changer in the way we prepare and eat our foods.  

Once we are aware of these food combinations that do not pair well together, we can start to notice the affect it may be having on our body and this is a great place to start. 

Pay attention to your energy levels, your digestion, elimination and even tongue coating after ingesting some of these improper combinations. 

So lets dive in .. 

Some simple key notes and guidelines to start include: 

  • Keep your protein simple and separate
  • Dairy is best eaten away from other animal proteins, and alone, or with some grains
  •  Be aware of your digestion - if a food is heavy, then it will be heavier on your digestion
  •  Fruit is best eaten alone, and if combining with other foods, keep the portion small and cooked. 

Some of the above information can be overwhelming and frustrating and may even seem terribly complicated. 

Banana smoothies, fruit and yoghurt, italian and mexican foods are all beloved staples in the western diet and they clearly include many incompatible food combinations. 

Try not to overwhelm yourself. 

Be gentle on yourself and just bring this information into your awareness, progressing, if you wish, at a pace that is right for you.

Grains are easily paired with almost everything except fruit and can be a great place to start.  

Combining rice with dal results in kitchari which is considered on of the most easily digested meals in Ayurveda. 

Food combining is a way to help us notice how our food choices affect us. 

After slowly making and integrating these changes, you may notice that these habits become simpler and easier, and you may find it helpful to reflect on how your wellness and digestion has changed over time. 

Until next time, 

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