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The Health Benefits of Spinach

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Good Old Spinach: Now a Superfood!

The wondrous health benefits of spinach have been known for centuries.

Now we know that spinach is actually one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat.

Just the dark green colour and pearly shine of the leaves tells us they are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and tons of goodness. Continue reading

“Coconut Oil Benefits”

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Coconut Oil: The Super-food that Benefits your Health, Inside and Out

You probably know that coconuts are good for you. But the extent to which coconut oil benefits the whole body is fast becoming a well-know fact.

Scientists are finally catching up with what many have known for generations: coconut oil is good for you, both inside and out. Continue reading

“Can Stress Cause Fatigue?”

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“Can Stress Cause Fatigue?”

You wake up late on a day when you have an early morning meeting.

You jump out of bed; race to get ready and run out of the door.

You begin to relax as you drive down the street because you still have time to make your meeting.

As you merge onto the highway you see a wall of traffic in front of you.

You realize with a sinking feeling that you’re going to be late after all.

You probably got stressed out, tired or fatigued just reading that. Continue reading

“How to Overcome Fatigue”

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“How to Overcome Fatigue”

How tired are you right now on a scale of one to ten?

Ten meaning you’re bursting with energy and one meaning you’re reading this with one eye open.

That tired huh?

Now because a number of people who will be reading this are active members of our clinic, a majority of you will be saying they have a score of 7 or 8 or 9 out of 10.

Most patients when they first enter the clinic give me a score of 2, 3 or 4.

Continue reading