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 Natural Health Services


Dr Wayne Pickstone (Dr of Chinese Medicine) is a fully qualified and skilled acupuncturist on the sunshine coast who has been in continuous practice for…

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy or the Bowen Technique has become a very popular treatment for many conditions including – headaches, muscle aches, cramps…

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Genetic Profiling

At Unique Health and Wellness we offer an innovative and potentially health altering service of Genetic Profiling, also known as Nutrigenomics . . .

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In-House Testing

We have two Unique approaches looking at what Tests may be required to assist you to get your health back on track. Blood Chemistry/Pathology . . . 

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Unique Health and Wellness is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland and our experienced Naturopath, is Wayne Pickstone.

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Western Herbalism

Traditional Herbal Medicine has an important role to play in the holistic approach to restoring health and harmony within our body.

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Are You Suffering From?


“Are You Suffering From Pain?”

Has Pain been driving you crazy and would you like to find answers?

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Gut Pain


Reflux, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ‘Leaky Gut’, Constipation, Diarrhea . . . Would you like some answers?

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Weight Gain

Who Else Would Like To Burn Fat

Even While You Sleep, Even While You’re Eating, Even While Your Reading a Book . . .

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“Do You Feel Exhausted And Would You Like More Energy!”

Although fatigue is a term used to indicate the degree of tiredness, . . .

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Ultimate Health News

The Health Benefits of Spinach

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Good Old Spinach: Now a Superfood!

The wondrous health benefits of spinach have been known for centuries.

Now we know that spinach is actually one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat.

Just the dark green colour and pearly shine of the leaves tells us they are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and tons of goodness.

Spinach is known to be of Persian origin, but it quickly spread to and across Europe in the 12th century.

Today spinach is classed as a superfood- a nutrient-rich food that is beneficial to health and well-being. (1)

This well-known muscle-builder is a food that should be eaten on a daily basis because of its profound health benefits.

Spinach benefits all parts of the body and is well known for enhancing memory and brain-function, however as you’ll soon read there is a caution you must be aware of . . . Continue reading

“Coconut Oil Benefits”

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Coconut Oil: The Super-food that Benefits your Health, Inside and Out

You probably know that coconuts are good for you. But the extent to which coconut oil benefits the whole body is fast becoming a well-know fact.

Scientists are finally catching up with what many have known for generations: coconut oil is good for you, both inside and out.

It has been proven in 100’s of studies that this amazing fruit is actually one of the healthiest foods on the planet! (1) Continue reading

“Can Stress Cause Fatigue?”

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“Can Stress Cause Fatigue?”

You wake up late on a day when you have an early morning meeting.

You jump out of bed; race to get ready and run out of the door.

You begin to relax as you drive down the street because you still have time to make your meeting.

As you merge onto the highway you see a wall of traffic in front of you.

You realize with a sinking feeling that you’re going to be late after all.

You probably got stressed out, tired or fatigued just reading that. Continue reading